Dedicate yourself to your business with no more worries

Do issues like data access and security hamper your team’s efficiency and put your business at risk on a daily basis? We offer you a complete and integrated service tailored to your company, so you can dedicate yourself to managing your business without further setbacks.

  • 360º vision in IT assistance to your company
  • Experienced and dynamic team
  • Security of your data 100% guaranteed
  • Direct technical advice to your employees
  • Management and maintenance of accounts, passwords and access
  • 24/7 availability for emergencies

How can we help you ?

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Hosting and web presence

2 in 1: We create or renew your company's website or online store and guarantee performance, reputation and hosting.

  • Single channel of integrated accountability
  • Compatibility between development and platform assured
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Programming web and mobile applications - APPS

We develop intuitive, secure and easy-to-integrate applications for your business. We ensure the update and permanent monitoring.

  • Management of internal procedures
  • Monitoring of ongoing projects
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Email management

We ensure the reputation and security of your accounts so that your emails always reach the desired destination.

  • Maintenance of email credentials
  • Objective spam suppression
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Backup and IT Security

We safeguard your business's critical data and defend it from any cyberattacks.

  • Free initial security audit
  • Scheduled updates and scanning at times that are most convenient for you
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Disaster recovery and continuity

We act immediately in the recovery and reactivation of working conditions and develop prevention and response projects tailored to your company.

  • Protection of critical systems, minimizing data loss
  • Replacement of the IT structure in just a few hours
Algoritmo, Soluções Informáticas


We manage your team's workstations, ensuring software and hardware performance.

  • Monitoring and anticipating potential problems
  • Offer of packages adjusted to the size of your team

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